Marlow and Mae

Womens pullover in 100% cashmere

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we recommend to purchase a cashmere comb with this piece, availabe via home page 

Pictured in a size S/M

- 100% Cashmere (pashmina) ladies pullover

- Cashmere care card included with each purchase

- Cashmere/pashmina (our cashmere is actually pashmina- the finest quality!) wool is the most luxurious, softest and lightest natural finer in the world. These pieces have the most amazing soft feel and luminous glow and are made from the finest quality. Cashmere is a very long lasting fibre, if cared for correctly you will will have these pieces for a lifetime

- Handmade ethically and responsibly by a small manufacturing company in Nepal their cashmere wool is sourced from goats living in Asia and Mongolia

- Cashmere is harvested with minimum effects on the environment or the animal itself, and, the sale of cashmere wool is the main source of income for many families in Kathmandu, Nepal

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