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Garment Care

Join our community of nurturing mothers and family-oriented souls, as we celebrate the joy of quality textile!

We meticulously handpick fabrics that radiate elegance and comfort, exclusively for you and your loved ones. Caring for each style is essential, but easy! Follow the instructions on the attached label, and witness your cherished pieces stand the test of time.  



Only first because its a very important when it comes to our particular linen. The always asked question; How to keep Luxuriously Soft Linen? our answer is ''Tumble Dry with Confidence!"
We LOVED natural linen but were tired of stiff, scratchy cheap linens that lacked that extra touch of luxury and quality. Try the difference on our specialty wash and look no further. Our high-quality linen garments are designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring they always look and feel their best. Our linen is extra special because it is intensively pre washed and pre shrunk and will shed very lightly compared to other linens.
Forget the old myths about tumble drying ruining your cherished linen pieces – we're here to debunk them! In fact, tumble drying your linen is the key to unlocking luminous softness. After a refreshing cold wash, simply toss your linen garments into the dryer and let the magic happen. You'll be amazed at how effortlessly your linen transforms into a cloud-like, dreamy texture. Just be sure not to over dry (take your linen out as soon as it's dry to touch, it needs no more).
Join countless linen enthusiasts who trust our expertise and recommendation to tumble dry for that extra level of comfort. Say goodbye to rough, uncomfortable fabric and embrace the ultimate softness that only our high-quality linen can provide. You can now embrace the beauty of naturally wrinkled linen or do a spot iron for a smoother finish. You can also hang you linen straight out the dryer to decrease wrinkles. 


One way to keeping your favourite clothes looking fabulous for longer; say goodbye to harsh laundry detergents that can harm your delicate fabrics. Instead, opt for a gentle and mild detergent specially formulated to pamper your precious garments. Trust us, your clothes will thank you.

Say goodbye to stubborn stains by tackling them while fresh. Our favourite  stain-fighters are soda water or  'Exit soap' for spotless perfection (link below).
Please note;
We don't recommend using our care methods on any linens that are not our specialty brand.